Phasing into Retirement: Older Americans’ Experiences with Work and Retirement Planning

The 2017 Working Longer study continued tracking the work habits of Americans age 50 and older and the factors that contribute to their decision on when to retire. It also explores new subjects including older Americans’ experiences with unemployment, the impact of incarceration on older Americans’ plans for work and retirement, and the impact of inheritances and family wealth on retirement.

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Working Longer: The Disappearing Divide between Work Life and Retirement

The 2016 Working Longer study extends the previous study and examines new topics including how age impacts older workers’ job search, older workers’ pursuit of additional job training or education, changes to their work life as they age, older adults’ retirement planning, and their plans for the future. Interviews were conducted March 8-27, 2016 with 1,024 adults age 50 and older.

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Working Longer: Older Americans’ Attitudes on Work and Retirement

The 2013 Working Longer study explores the changing nature of work and retirement in the United States. Interviews were conducted August 8-September 10, 2013 with 1,024 adults age 50 and older. Questions are asked of older adults based on their current situation- fully retired, working, or somewhere in between. Topics explored include experiences on the job market, retirement expectations, retirement savings and plans, attitudes toward Social Security policy, and experiences with age discrimination.

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